Australian Mathematical Society 56th Annual Meeting

In the past, it’s been hard for me to attend the AUSTMS annual meeting as Deakin’s intra-trimester break doesn’t always align with other universities.  It was nice this year that it did, and I was able to attend and participate.  As well as Lynn Batten presenting our findings on fear abatement , I also presented some current work on worked example videos and was a panel member for the discussion which took part of the Education Afternoon.

Interactive Panel Discussion: Primary School Mathematics

The Panel was chaired by Lynn Batten and included myself, Terry Mills and Simuzar Hajilarova as panelists.  Over the hour, we discussed two topics.  Firstly, that there seem to be a number of jumps in the curriculum that results in a number of students struggling with the transition from year 10 to year 11.  Secondly, we discussed the involvement/role of AUSTMS in the primary education system.

Use and perceptions of worked example videos for first year students in a Primary Education degree

The abstract for the talk was as follows:

Worked example videos are particularly useful for students when learning mathematics as they can work through the questions at their own pace, pausing as needed, but still learn from the way the demonstrator thinks and solves problems. We created worked example videos each week for a subject taught in the first year of a primary education degree and investigated how students used them and their perceptions. An additional aspect of this undertaking was the inclusion of subtitles to make the videos accessible to hearing impaired and ESL students. This talk will reflect on the process of creating these videos, as well as some initial findings on their success.


* I look to do a more comprehensive analysis of my findings on this topic for submission to Delta 2013.  The abstract for our work on anxiety abatement is here.

It was great to be able to finally attend the whole conference, and the associated ECR workshop was also fantastically organised!


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