Aggregation Operators special session at FUZZIEEE 2014

We are inviting submissions to our proposed special session on Aggregation Operators at FUZZIEEE to be held in Beijing from July 6-14, 2014 as part of the World Congress on Computational Intelligence.

Aggregation Operators (AGOPs) play a key role in fuzzy sets theory as fuzzy logic connectives, and also have wide-ranging applications in decision making, classification and data analysis. Traditional aggregation operators such as the arithmetic mean and median are now acknowledged as particular cases of more general families of aggregation operations, such as the ordered weighted averaging (OWA) operator and Choquet integral. Triangular norms and conorms, uninorms, symmetric sums, to name a few, are widely used families of AGOP. With the growing need to deal with large amounts of data and uncertainty, research on practical applications and their associated challenges is of increasing interest.

This special session will be dedicated to theoretical and practical aspects of AGOPs. Specific topics include, but are not limited to:
– practical constructions of AGOPs,
– real-world applications,
– parameter and weights identification,
– weighting functions for AGOPs,
– AGOPs with specific properties,
– interval-valued and intuitionistic AGOPs,
– theoretical analysis,
– fuzzy measures and integrals.

Style and paper submission guidelines can be found here.

Papers can be submitted here.

Please select “S34: FZ34: Aggregation Operators” from the drop-down box where it says Main research topic.

The current due date for submission is December 20, 2013 – although there is usually a two week extension on this.


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