Fuzzy Partial Orders journal paper

Once again we were fortunate enough to be able to contribute to a special issue on consensus. This will be published in Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making (a journal by Springer) and the special edition is titled “Fuzzy Approaches in Intelligent Decision Making and Consensus”, edited by Enrique Herrera-Viedma, Francisco Chiclana, Francisco Cabrerizo and YuCheng Dong.


Title: Aggregation and consensus for preference relations based on fuzzy partial orders

Authors: G. Beliakov, S. James and T. Wilkin


We propose a framework for eliciting and aggregating pairwise preference relations based on the assumption of an underlying fuzzy partial order. We also propose some linear programming optimization methods for ensuring consistency either as part of the aggregation phase or as a pre- or post- processing task. We contend that this framework of pairwise-preference relations, based on the Kemeny distance, can be less sensitive to extreme or biased opinions and is also less complex to elicit from experts. We provide some examples and outline their relevant properties and associated concepts.



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