data sets

Journal Rankings Data

Complete ListCSV file

The original rankings data set collected in early 2011 of the combines the ISI Web of Knowledge Citation indices with the Australian Research Council ERA quality rankings.  The ranking of journals for quality monitoring has since been abandoned.  This data set has 5318 Journals with all 8 numerical indices and the ERA rank (one of A*, A, B, C).

17 most frequent Field of Research codeszip file

This zip file includes the data above with irrelevant information filtered for the FoR codes with the highest representation (above 80 journals each).

17 most frequent FoR transformedzip file

The above 17 sets linearly transformed using j.lin.tran in journals_utility.R , which uses the median of each class to scale the data sets in the hope that the resulting values, when aggregated should allow for idempotent aggregation.

Example of 0101 files0101_orig.txt / 0101_utility.txt / 0101_transf.jpg


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