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This is a software toolbox developed by my PhD supervisor, Gleb Beliakov, for fitting and calculating various aggregation functions including OWA, quasi-arithmetic means (incl. power means), Choquet integrals and a general data-built general operator.  Includes GUI.


A set of subroutines written in C++ for fitting Choquet integrals with various options for symmetric (OWA) and k-additive fuzzy measures.  This was what we used for the journal publication in Fuzzy Sets and Systems and associated conference papers.  (See Gleb’s homepage for other optimisation and interpolation software he has written)


Developed by Michel Grabisch, Ivan Kojadinovic, and Patrick Meyer, the kappalab package uses a number of different optimisation implementations in order to fit and analyse fuzzy measures (capacities).  You can also read their paper, conference presentation and overview.


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