R code

AggWaFit (updated 15/ 5/ 2012)

This is an R source file with a number of aggregation function commands.  As well as being able to calculate output values from input vectors and parameters, there are also a number of fitting algorithms.  These algorithms can be used for ordinal as well as real outputs.  It is also possible to include 10-fold cross validation, RMSE, confusion matrix, average L1 error, accuracy and within 1 accuracy (for ordinal classes) in the output file.  The functions which can be fit include all QAM and Generalized OWA where the generating function and inverse need to be specified or selected from a number of pre-specified options.

AggWaFit Description   /   AggWaFit_v1.0.R

BonFit (updated 15/ 5/ 2012)

This is the same as AggWaFit, except with Bonferroni means.  There are 3 separate types of Bonferroni that can be fit to data: Bonferroni means with a generalized weighting matrix (equivalent to using arithmetic mean generators only), Bonferroni means with the inner weighting vector specified, and Bonferroni means that use a projection in the first argument.

BonFit Description / Bonfit_v1.0.R

Other small R source files

Notes regarding each of the R files and a direct link to the R text file.

Robust OWA / R file

Strict stability / R file / 2016 journal paper files (zip)

Ecological Land Use / R file

Co-occurrence matrix for classification

Monotonicity check

Monotone Violation Graph  / R file

Piecewise Linear Data Scaling / R file

Relabeling Data (update) / R file

Remove duplicates from a data set / R file


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