Research Links

TULIP: Team for Universal Learning and Intelligent  Processing

This is Gang Li’s research team, located within Deakin University who recently have taken interest in Aggregation operators and collaborated with Gleb and myself.

GIARA: Research group of Artificial Intelligence and Approximate Reasoning

This group is headed by Humberto Bustince.  Gleb and (to a lesser extent) I have collaborated with them and hope to do much more together in the future.

Landscape Ecology Research Group

I have collaborated with my friend, Dale Nimmo and the Landscape Ecology Research Group in looking at environmental indicators such as those used to describe richness, abundance and threat of extinction.

The Wog Wog Habitat Fragmentation Experiment

Another friendof mine, Brad Farmilo currently completing his PhD at La Trobe University in the effects of habitat fragmentation.

Andrew David Stapleton

My friend Andrew is a short- and non-fiction writer, beginning his PhD in philosophy.

StoogebagMaths Videos

A friend of mine from Perth who makes some nice maths videos.


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